Worship at Home


We plan to offer a service of online worship at 10.00am on Easter Sunday, 12 April 2020.  (More details to follow)
Until then, there are many many options available for following an online service or radio broadcast.
Each week we will provide the editor’s pick as a ’starter for Sunday’. Find it by clicking the relevant date below.

Sunday 29/3/20

Sunday 22/3/20 – sermon and prayers

Sunday 22/3/20 – poem


Together with practical acts of kindness, prayer is one of the most powerful things we can do in this season. 
There are many wonderful resources online to help us find a rhythm of prayer.
Click the following links for some recommended options:


Our vicar Alyson writes: “The first Christians gathered for worship in their homes, and the first Church came together as house churches’! Although we at Mitford and Hebron cannot gather together physically during this season, some of us will be able to worship with others who live in our home. Those of us who live alone can gather with others virtually and spiritually, around the same prayers and liturgy. Our own Church of Mitford and Hebron consists of over a 100 households. It is exciting to imagine the potential of 100-plus house churches, set in our neighbourhoods, all worshipping and praying!”

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