Safety at Services from 5 September 2021



From 5th September the Covid Health and Safety regulations have been relaxed in both church buildings as follows:-

  1. Booking IS NOT required for any service.
  2. Please continue to sanitise hands before entering the building
  3. Please a) either use the QR code displayed in the building or give your contact details to the ushers on duty. *
  4. We have reduced the social distancing but PLEASE no physical contact with each other, unless you are in a family group.
  5. Face masks will continue to be worn  **
  6. Some limited singing will take place within a service but with face masks in place.
  7. There will be some dedicated space at the back of the building to accommodate those who wish to be nearer the door for ease of access/exit.
  8. Please inform the ushers if you a) are exempt from wearing a face mask for medical reasons and /or b) if you wish to be seated at the back of the building.

PLEASE be respectful of each other and continue to take responsibility for your own safety and that of others.

* This is personal choice , but by complying, we all help to keep one another safe.

** Those leading, preaching, speaking from the front or singing as part of the music group will remove their masks when appropriate to do so.

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