Annual Church Meetings 2021 – Forms

Nominations for election to the Parochial Church Council 
To submit a nomination for a Churchwarden or member of the PCC (whether at Hebron or Mitford) please download the relevant form:
Nomination of a churchwarden — here 
Nomination of a member of PCC — here

Please note: nominations require the prior consent of the individual concerned. Each nomination must be supported by a proposer and a seconder.

In light of the current limitations of Covid-security measures, the proposer and seconder should confirm their support of the nomination in writing by email or letter.

The form of confirmation should read:
I,  [FULL NAME]  hereby nominate [NAME OF NOMINEE] for election to the office of Churchwarden / Member of the PCC / Deanery Synod Representative (delete as applicable). 
Date of nomination [Day:Month:Year]

This form of written confirmation should please be returned to the Nominee at least 2 days prior to the meeting in question; the Nominee should ensure that both the nomination form and confirmations of proposer and seconder are returned to the Secretary of the PCC in question at least one day prior to the Meeting.  

By email to:
Secretary of the PCC for Hebron : Janice Robinson
Secretary of the PCC for Mitford : Beverley Morris

By post to:
The Secretary of the PCC for Hebron / Mitford
c/o Mitford Vicarage, Mitford, NE61 3PZ