Sunday 7th June 2020 – Trinity Sunday

10am Service

The 10am service today includes a talk by Liz Hawkins, the fifth in the teaching series ‘Jesus Scandals’.  You can link directly to the service, which will be broadcast at 10am on Sunday 7th June, on YouTube HERE

To prepare for worship you might like to:
+ read the passage in Mark 6: 31-51, from which Liz will be speaking
+ prepare Psalm 48 verses 9-14 so we can say these together. We will read in the NRSV version of the Bible, which you can find HERE
+ have a candle ready to light.
+ download the service sheet, so that we can follow the service together. Click HERE to download it.

5pm Service

This service follows the order of the Book of Common Prayer, led by Paul Kidd.  Join the service on YouTube (from 5pm on Sunday 7th June) by clicking HERE 

If you don’t have a Prayer Book at home, you can download the order by clicking HERE