Sunday 19th July 2020

This morning’s service of Morning Prayer continues our summer series – Hope and a Future. Neil Burnell will be speaking on the passage he’s chosen from Romans. The service is available online from 10.00am on Sunday 19th July.

To link to the service on YouTube click HERE

To prepare for worship you may wish to:

– read the Bible passage on which Neil will teach in Genesis  3:15 and Romans 8:28,29. Neil will be reading the NIV translation. If you don’t have an NIV at home you can find it HERE:  
– prepare the verses of the Psalm which we’ll say together, Psalm 91: 1-6 and 14-16.  We will read in the NIV version of the Bible, which you can find HERE 
– download the service sheet, so that we can follow the service together. Click HERE to download it.
– and if you wish,  a candle for lighting at the start of the service.