Sunday 3rd May 2020

A service of Morning Prayer in the Celtic tradition led by Ian Lane, a talk by Alyson Lamb and prayers and music led by members of the church family. The service is available online from 10.00am on Sunday  3 May.

To link to the service on YouTube click HERE

To participate in the service it will be helpful to have to hand:
– the Service Sheet HERE – so that we can join together in words and prayers
– a Bible, marked at Psalm 100 which we will read together; and the passage on which Alyson will speak –  Mark 2:14-17
– and if you wish,  a candle for lighting at the start of the service.

New teaching series beginning today: Jesus Scandals.
Scandal followed Jesus everywhere he went.  His teaching, his miracles, his unconditional love for all people – everything he did and said subverted and threatened the social and religious establishment of his day.  Looking at key episodes of Christ’s ministry according to St Mark, we will discover how the scandalous Jesus challenged the norm, and still does, and why he is good news for our world today. On Sunday 3 May the focus is Mark 2.14-17 – ‘The Company He Kept’.

For the special Reading Plan forMark’s Gospel click HERE